March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Why is Workplace Eye Wellness Month Important?

Did you know that roughly 25,000 people visits the emergency room a year due to a work related eye injury? Nearly one million Americans lost their vision or sustained an injury to their eyes. March is dedicated to enlightening employers and workers about the importance of the eyes, as well as wearing protective eye wear when necessary.

  • The most common injury to the eyes is caused by flying debris such as, metal pieces, glass, tools, chemicals, harmful radiation and eye strain due to digital devices. Work-related eye injury does not only mean working in construction work or landscaping work.
  • Another common eye problem is within an office setting because of excessive computer use, tablet & smart phone use throughout the day. This increases the risk of eye strain. Symptoms include blurred vision, dry eyes and headaches.

Ways to protect your eyes:

  • Wear proper eye wear correctly when necessary
  • Re-position screen, blink, and use artificial tears when working on a computer
  • Schedule your routine eye exams with your eye doctor

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