Entropion & Ectropion


Entropion ExampleAn entropion is an inwardly turned (inverted) eyelid. The condition occurs primarily as a result of advancing age with consequent weakening of certain eyelid muscles. The imbalance between eyelid muscle groups results in the inward turning of the eyelid. The condition almost always affects the lower, rather than the upper, eyelids.

The main symptom patients experience is foreign body sensation as lashes rub against the eye. Repair of the inversion may be completed with a variety of procedures that tighten the lid tissues, resolving the imbalance between the muscle groups of the lower lid. Most patients experience immediate resolution of the problem once the surgery is completed with little if any post-operative discomfort. Again, NY Vision Group routinely performs this procedure on an outpatient basis.


Ectropion ExampleAn ectropion is an outwardly turned (everted) eyelid. The condition most often is associated with aging, though it may also occur congenitally, as a result of scarring or other surgeries, or secondary to facial nerve paralysis. If not repaired, the condition may lead to thickening of the mucosal surface on the inside of the eyelid with consequent inflammation of and danger to the health of the eye itself. Most symptoms are due to increased exposure of the eye, resulting in redness and irritation. Ectropion repair is a routine procedure that the NY Vision Group typically performs on an outpatient basis.

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