The Verisyse implant is another phakic implant which is placed in a patient’s eye in front of the iris. As with the Visian ICL, the natural lens of the eye remains. Thus the Verisyse lens gives the patient’s eye another focusing lens that provides high quality, high definition focus like a normal eye. The Verisyse has a 20-year track record, with more than 100,000 lenses inserted. Like the Visian implant, the best candidates are healthy individuals age 20-50 with stable prescriptions who have moderate to high levels of myopia.

The Verisyse Procedure

The Verisyse phakic implant is smaller than a contact lens with two securing arms on either side. While the patient is under local anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small incision and slips the Verisyse implant in front of the iris, behind the cornea. The implant is centered over the pupil and then secured.

During the FDA trials, 100% of the patients receiving the Verisyse implant achieved 20/40 or better vision. In addition, more than 50% of Verisyse patients gained one or more lines of vision. As with implant vision correction in general, the Verisyse lens is reversible. In the unlikely event, a patient is not satisfied with his or her vision, the implant can be removed. Although infrequent, some Verisyse phakic lens implant patients have reported halos or slight glare in their vision. As with all surgeries, there is also the remote possibility that a patient will experience an infection. Swelling of the cornea and cataract formation are also potential complications for the Verisyse implant.

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