Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK in New York

LASIK has been around for over two decades, however, Custom Lasik surgery, also known as wavefront LASIK or wavefront-guided LASIK  sets a new standard in vision correction. The lastest, and most technologically advanced laser utilizing this technology is the WaveLight® EX 500 laser. NY Vision Group is proud to be the first ophthalmic practice in Manhattan to acquire this laser.  

Each person's eye is as unique as their own fingerprint, with its own special shape and complex characteristics. In some instances, small imperfections in the shape of the eye can cause a scattering of light, which can contribute to vision impairment and create difficult-to-pinpoint prescriptions. This scattering of light forms distinct patterns within the eye known as aberrations.  The WaveLight® EX 500 Laser allows skilled LASIK eye surgeons such as Dr. Koster to measure these aberrations, then plan a treatment that exactly matches the eye's individual vision errors.  This laser also permits much larger optical zone treatments than prior technologies. (Enlarged optical treatment zones are also correlated with better quality vision in dark or twilight light.)

Using the topographic characteristics of an individual's cornea, the EX 500 can treat and correct the largest zones possible (often improving on previous best vision).  The tracking system of this laser can respond 10 times faster than eye movements, and the treatment delivery is the fastest of any system in the US. This results in unparalled results. In an FDA trial, 75% of wavefront-optimized - treated nearsighted patients actually saw better than 20/20 after their procedure.

The WaveLight EX 500 laser allows NY Vision Group to provide customized, wave-front optimized treatment to every LASIK patient. There is no question that each and every patient will benefit from this technology. Dr. Koster performs this treatment exclusively.



Who Is A Candidate?

Custom LASIKYou may be a good candidate for Wavefront Optimized LASIK if you:

  • Feel that glasses/contact lenses are a nuisance in your job, sporting activities or personal life
  • No longer tolerate extended contact lens use
  • Suffer from not seeing well in certain circumstances, such as driving at night
  • Need vision correction and have a prescription range from -12.00 diopters to +60.00 diopters
  • Have a stable vision and healthy eyes (other than a refractive error)
  • Have good general health and are not taking medication that affects the healing process
  • Are older than 18

WaveLight® EX 500 Laser

We at NY Vision Group are constantly striving to provide the best treatment options for our refractive and cataract surgery patients -- helping them achieve the best-uncorrected vision available to them. Our acquisition of the WaveLight EX 500 Laser is an example of how seek to better serve our patients. To see if you are a candidate for this exciting technology, please contact us for a LASIK evaluation. We also offer alternative procedures, such as PRK, Epi-LASIK, and Lens Implant Options, as well as Refractive Lens Exchange options for people interested in LASIK who are not ideal candidates for  LASIK.

For more information about Wave-front optimized LASIK in New York, please do not hesitate to contact our LASIK coordinator at 212.243.2300.